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Useful tips and tricks to shave your bikini line

Shaving the bikini area is one hell of a task and you all know the trouble one has to go through before and after shaving. Different women prefer different methods of removing pubic hair and shaving is the most common, convenient and painless method to do it. While waxing delays the growth for a longer time, some women can’t bear the pain of getting waxed down there. Underarms and bikini line are the most sensitive areas of your body and you need to pay more attention to them while gliding your razor. Along with the ease of hair removal, shaving brings in too much discomfort like razor bumps, rashes and in some cases ingrown hair. To make it right, here are some common mistakes and solutions that could cause these problems.

Don’t jump right on to shaving


If you understand how delicate your skin is in some areas, you should also know that the hair growth in these areas is coarser than the other body parts. To soften the hair growth, first, try taking a warm shower and gently exfoliate the area to give yourself a closer shave. Prepping your skin before shaving will minimise the chances of any skin irritations you might have.

Do not use shower gels or soaps


You might think that the soap or shower lather is great for shaving as it lets the razor glide smoothly but they do not hydrate your skin and the harsh chemicals might do the opposite of what you want. Apply a generous amount of shaving cream and leave it for a couple of minutes before shaving to soften the hair. Shaving gels and creams form a protective layer on your skin that prevents the chances of nicks and cuts. You may also apply a hair conditioner instead of shaving cream but never think of dry shaving down there.

Trimming is vital

If you haven’t shaved for a very long time and the growth is dense and long, do not straight away jump to shaving. Carefully, trim your pubic hair or else the shave won’t be close giving you unsatisfactory shave.

Get the shaving technique right


When it comes to shaving your body hair, do not consider shaving in the opposite direction especially when your skin is prone to razor bumps and rashes. Shaving in different directions may lead to cuts. Therefore, always shave in the direction of your hair. This will also prevent any ingrown hair.

Invest in a good razor


There’s a reason a disposable razor is called ‘disposable’, you aren’t supposed to use it again. If yours is a re-usable razor, always sanitize it with alcohol or hot water. If the blades are replaceable, then toss it out after using it for 5-7 times. Always prefer a double or triple blade razor when it comes to shaving your pubic hair. You won’t have to apply too much pressure and the shave will be easy.

Gillette Venus razors are very famous in India for shaving. They are a bit expensive from the regular razors but are sharper and finer. Gillette Venus Swirl is a 5 blade razor that Gillette recommends for shaving on the bikini line.

Rinse and moisturise

After you have completed shaving, rinse thoroughly with cold water. It closes the pores on your skin giving you a smooth finish.

Moisturising in that area is as important as moisturising any other body part. However, you might want to consider using a fragrance-free or mild aloe vera moisturiser which will calm your skin. You must always moisturise as much as you can especially after hair removal. It will prevent ingrown hair and razor bumps.


To remove dead skin on regular basis and prevent clogged pores, exfoliate at least twice every week. This will also keep your lady parts clean and hygienic. Avoid using any soaps and shower gels for at least 24 hours after shaving.

Choosing the right underwear


It is certainly not the right time to wear your satins and lacy panties. As much as you want to wear them because you have shaved down there, it is advisable that you wear 100% cotton panties that don’t have a tight elastic band, especially around the legs. This will give your skin some breathing space and absorb any sweating. One of the main reasons why women end up having ingrown hair is because they wear tight clothing after hair removal. Ditch that skinny pair of jeans and embrace a flowy fit and flare dress for a few days.

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