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Tips to take care of your leather bags

A designer leather bag is certainly a great investment but if you want to preserve its value then you must understand how you should take care of it. Unlike other fabrics and materials, leather breaks, cracks and dries with time. To retain its durability there are a few things that a leather lover should understand. The leather is animal skin which can swell or mildew. To keep your bags in shape and good texture for years, read the tips below and follow them properly.


If you are not using your leather bag for some time, always make sure you stuff the bag with either bubble wrap or newspaper. Store in a cool dry place as leather might absorb the moisture too which will make it smell bad. To avoid the dampness you can also use silica gel packets.


It is advised that a leather bag should always be handled with clean hands because it can absorb oil and grease and you cannot wash it. It is better to use a damp cloth to wipe off the leather surface every 2-3 months. The cloth shouldn’t be too damp as leather takes time to dry.

You can buy cleaners that are used for leather cleaning specifically.


For a suede leather bag, use a suede brush and look for care labels.


Maintenance of leather bag is most crucial. The leather is prone to flaking because of dryness which ultimately damages the bag.

You must use a leather conditioner to make your bag more durable.

The luxury fashion labels like Hermes, Burberry, Coach, Mulberry etc, have their own leather care range. They will also give you the necessary tips for taking care of your bag.

Some bags have metallic trims like chains and buckles which should also be taken care of along with leather.

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