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Tips to tackle oily skin during monsoons

Among all seasons, it is monsoons when the human body is vulnerable to all kinds of bacteria and infections. It is even more challenging to maintain your skin care routine during rains as compared to summers or winters. The moisture present in the air can mess with your hair and skin to a great extent if not looked after well. The struggle for those with oily skin is even more intense as they may end up having acne and patchy skin.

The skin pores during monsoons get clogged more often due to humidity and thus becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This prevents the skin from breathing and causes pimples. Hair care is also a very vital aspect of skin care if you do not want an oily scalp, which will result in dandruff, fizzy, greasy hair and increased hair fall.

To keep your skin oil free, soft and glowing, you need to make a few changes in your skin and hair care routine. Here are some tips which will ensure you have flawless and radiant skin during monsoons too.

1. Use warm water


To wash off the oil and grease off your face, use warm water instead of cold water. It will effectively remove the excess oil and open up the pores leaving your skin squeaky clean.

2. Use clay/mud masks


Clay/mud masks are very popular days and monsoon is the best time to use them. Bentonite clay (multani mitti) is very beneficial in rehydrating the skin and remove sebum. It will provide a calming relief from itching caused by broken or dry skin. You may mix mud masks with rose water or activated charcoal for better results.

3. Use mild face toner


To maintain the Ph. balance of your skin, always switch to a mild face toner that will remove any dust from your skin without leaving it dry or oily.

4. Moisturise


Even if you have oily skin and the weather is humid, that doesn’t mean you should ditch your moisturiser. Use a gel based moisturiser to keep your skin oil free instead of cream based moisturiser.

5. Waterproof your makeup


You cannot use your regular makeup in the monsoons as it will only make you look cakey and greasy. A few changes in your existing makeup palette will solve the purpose. Switch to a mineral based powdered foundation instead of a liquid one. Always use a gel based waterproof eye liner and mascara. Read more –

6. Do no skip sunscreen


The weather is mostly cloudy but that doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. You should use a gel based waterproof sunscreen every time you step out.

7. Read the ingredients

fresh tea tree leaves and essential oil

Read the ingredients present in your skin care products. Those with tea tree oil, honey, lemon, aloe vera and neem will prevent breeding of bacteria causing acne.

8. Exfoliation


Exfoliate at least 2 times a week with a gel based scrub to remove dead skin and clogged pores. The scrub should be mild which will not leave your skin dry and patchy.

9. Drink plenty of water


To keep yourself hydrated all the time, drink plenty of water. Only because it’s raining and you don’t feel thirsty, doesn’t mean that your body is getting enough water. 7-8 glasses of water will help flushing away all the toxins from your body.

10. Hair care


Just like your skin, your hair also needs special attention during monsoons. The scalp is most likely to become greasy which will cause hair fall and to prevent this never leave your hair wet. If possible, use a hair dryer to remove excess moisture before leaving the house. If it is exposed to rain water, never skip the hair wash.


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