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Priyanka Chopra sizzles on the cover of Cosmopolitan India

The desi girl who has marked her strong presence on the international platform will leave you smitten by her mesmerizing looks for Cosmopolitan India’s 21st issue. Priyanka Chopra has graced the October cover for celebrating the 21st anniversary of the magazine. She is seen in three looks and all three of them are enough to leave you gawking. The actress has left the world bewildered by proving that a woman can do everything and be everywhere, as it says in the article. The photoshoot was lensed by Abhay Singh and styling was done by Amandeep Kaur.


For the cover, she has worn a Gucci mesh top under a white printed crop top by Labartry with ripped denim hotpants. In the second look, she wears a black bralette by Shivan and Narresh with glossy high waisted pants by H&M and a plastic embellished bomber jacket. In the third look, she will definitely make you skip your heart beat as she looks breathtakingly stunning in an embellished white bodysuit by Falguni and Shane Peacock. She has completed the look with Swarovski earrings and knee-length Christian Louboutin boots.

The three-page interview in the magazine gives a sneak peek into her life and her intriguing personality. Priyanka Chopra starts off by confessing that often people find her intimidating but that’s not true. It is because of her honesty and blunt behavior that makes them think like this. It won’t be wrong to say that, somewhere inside, she is just like one of us. Like every other girl, she also has her bad days when she wants to eat an ice cream tub with her best friend and cry. Completely opposite to how we see celebs on the television, there’s that whole other side of Priyanka Chopra, where she binge-watches TV shows on a Saturday night and adores her beautiful family.


Success comes at a cost and to think that being famous is all that a person need is not right. Priyanka Chopra’s career came rather instinctively and as she puts it, she wouldn’t have planned it this way. Well, we are glad that she is where she is because it is almost impossible to imagine someone else on her spot. Her struggle was real and as a newcomer in this industry, she also doubted her abilities and choices. The role of Sonia in Aitraaz (a female boss that sexually harasses her male employee) was a difficult choice for her because that was not something Indian woman are thought of.

Sachin Tendulkar once said in his speeches “There’s no shortcut to success” and that’s what Priyanka Chopra has implied in her life. PC tells in the interview that it’s been a while since she took a weekend off. We see the glamorous life of star celebrities but the struggle behind being one of them is inspiring. She explains how in her younger years she was never given anything on a platter and she had to work four times harder to get it. Balancing her career in Bollywood and Hollywood is definitely not a cakewalk but that’s something she has chosen to do. She bravely admits that she is still looking forward to establishing herself in Hollywood as she doesn’t enjoy the same status as in India. It is also fascinating to know that she travels with her personal chef and assistant for some things to remain constant in her life, like ‘ghar ka khaana’.


We all know how Priyanka Chopra has given bold statements in order to protect the dignity and status of women in the country and here she gives one more. According to her “The phrase, ‘feminism’ has been the biggest victim of stereotyping. I believe in what it is, very much-it’s just that the term has gotten such a bad reputation over the time!” which we think is completely true. She goes on by unleashing some dark realities of the film industry. There was a time when producers called “actresses” as “replaceable” because the hero was considered to be the real focus of the movie.

Moving on to her relationship side, she makes it very clear that just because she doesn’t talk about it she doesn’t have them. Her disgust towards reading about her love life with someone anywhere is justified in every sense. Priyanka Chopra in her wittiest manner talks about the qualities in a man that will surely make her consider him and the first one is “honesty” and “ambition”, which is non-negotiable. A great taste in shoes in perfumes will be a perfect add-on.


Daddy’s little girl and her contagious smile can leave anyone smitten. Her bewitching charm and courage set her apart from everyone else. Priyanka Chopra, a warrior in a beautiful avatar who stands courageously battling her problems fearlessly, will keep inspiring the nation with a feeling of pride.

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