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How to Start Eating Healthy

Hola lovelies!!

I am back and today we’ll talk all ’bout eating healthy. A balanced diet is very vital for a healthy lifestyle. Women should enjoy all categories of foods like vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc but they have some special nutrient needs which need to be incorporated in their diets.

Here is what you should definitely add in your diet:

Iron power

Iron-rich foods need to be incorporated in the daily diets of women. The sources include red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, kale, beans, spinach,etc. Plant based sources of iron are easily absorbed by your body when consumed with vitamin C rich foods.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is essential to decrease risk of birth effects during the childbearing age of women. The requirement is atleast 400 micrograms a day. Citrus fruits, Leafy greens, beans and peas contain folate.


Calcium should be integrated in your diet for healthy bones and teeth. Sources include low fat milk, yogurt and cheese, tofu and juices.


What not to eat

Women should avoid excess fats, alcohol and sugar.Avoid soft drinks, Sugary beverages, Candies and fried foods. Limit alcohol. Opt for low fat dairy.

So, ladies here is how you can start to eat smart and healthy.

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