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A complete guide for feminine hygiene and healthy vagina

Maintaining feminine hygiene and keeping your vagina healthy comes no more as an option. A guide for proper feminine hygiene comes with all the essential Do’s, Don’ts and daily personal hygiene checklist. Human body is capable of pushing the bacteria and infections out of the body through the vagina in the form of discharge. This is the reason why women experience transparent/white discharge regularly. Reproductive and sexual health is directly proportional to feminine hygiene and some these problems can even lead to serious diseases. There is nothing to freak out but if you have not followed feminine care tips, it’s time for you to learn a few things about it.

A vagina is that part of a women’s body which requires extra attention and care. From unhealthy discharge to odor and dryness, everything is a sign of something happening on the inside. A little irritation can keep you frustrated and worried for a very long time. It doesn’t sound very good but it’s the truth. Our diet, cleaning habits and menstrual cycles are connected to our vaginal health. It is a wise choice to take help of a few feminine hygiene cleansing products.

#1 Bathing right


Source – (Febvre, 2011)

Always remember to wash off your intimate areas with mild soaps or feminine hygiene wash. A women’s vagina has a certain PH level which should be maintained to keep the beneficial bacteria that keeps away the bacteria. It is good to wash the pubic area with lukewarm water while taking bath.




#2 Wearing fresh undies


Source – (ETSY, 2017)

There’s nothing more unhygienic than wearing the same pair of underwear for more than a day. The bacteria gets accumulated in your undies which later causes infections and irritation. Even if you are not taking bath, always remember to wash your intimate area and wear fresh underwear. Do not keep your underwear unwashed for a longer time as this might lead to other feminine hygiene issues.

#3 Avoid wearing tight clothes


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Tight clothes and synthetic fabrics prevent the air circulation to the pubic area which keeps it moist and wet. Even of you are wearing tight clothes, try wearing cotton underwear inside it. While menstruating wear loose clothes which provide you breathing space. Always change your undergarments after workouts, as sweaty underwears may cause bacterial infections. The natural fibre undergarments allow air flow and prevent any development of yeast.

#4 Changing pads or tampons


Source – (Tyagi, 2017)

It has been emphasized a lot earlier also that one should change pads and tampons at a regular interval of time. Remaining dry fresh and odour free is very vital and for that make sure you do not wear the same pad for more than six hours and tampon for more than 5 hours. This prevents any odor and bacteria during the periods.



Source – (Donohue, n.d.)

A lot of people are too lazy or ignorant about shaving down there but it is equally important to maintain your sexual and reproductive health. Always trim your hair before shaving or using any hair removal creams. Hair removal creams can be very harsh on the pubic skin, so do not exceed the time and always do a patch test. Bikini epilators are available in the market and are safer than razors. Bikini wax keeps the area clean for a longer time than any other thing.






Source – (, n.d.)

Make it a point that you always pee after intercourse. During periods and post sex is the time when bacteria develop very easily. This may cause urine infection and irritation also. To prevent any bacteria in the urinary tract, make sure that you urinate immediately. To remain on the safer side, you might want to wash the intimate area with feminine hygiene products and keep it dry.



Source – (Healthline, n.d.)

Most of the urine infections are caused due to unhygienic and unsanitary conditions of public washrooms. Some people might be very sensitive towards picking up these infections quickly. There is a range of items available to make peeing safe for you including pee spray. A pee spray can be used before urinating in public toilets. Urination devices also give you the freedom to urinate while standing.




Source – (DERROW, 2015)

Having sex without enough lubrication can be painful and may lead to infections. Using condoms which is rubber can cause rubber allergy also in this case. You should always use lubricants in case your natural lubrication does not occur.






Source – (Breakthroughs, n.d.)

A balanced diet with appropriate nutrients can keep your vagina healthy. Yogurt is said to be the most common and effective food that is a great source of good bacteria. It prevents yeast infections. Green leafy vegetable and fruits are also an essential part of your diet. Always keep your body hydrated and drink an adequate amount of water. It helps you flush out toxins from the body.




Source – (Guardian, 2015)

  • Add a few drops of vinegar to the water before taking bath as it has anti-fungal properties.
  • Applying tea tree oil on the vagina protects it from bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Avoid strongly scented soaps for washing down there.

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