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DO’s and DONT’S of bleaching facial hair


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Face bleaching is a risky task if the procedure is not followed with proper precautions and safety measures. Some women do it to lighten the colour of their facial hair while some opt for bleach as a means to fade out skin blemishes. Waxing is another alternative to remove facial hair but it can be a bit painful and can cause a skin rash. Also, waxing can stimulate the growth of facial hair making it more visible. Thus, bleaching can prove to be a safer option under such circumstances. While this can be an option to get rid of visible facial hair and fairer skin, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts which you must follow to avoid any temporary and permanent skin damage.

Pre-Bleach Do’s

Patch test

Patch test
Patch test

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Before bleaching, it is imperative that you do a patch test to check whether you are allergic to bleaching or not. You can do it on your elbow to see if your skin reacts to the product. If any redness and irritation occurs then you should refrain from bleaching.

Wash your face thoroughly

Wash face thoroughly

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Make sure that you wash your face before bleaching as oily or greasy skin may cause the bleach to slip from your face. Also, cleansing removes the dirt and opens up the pores which results in even application of the cream.

Tie your hair properly


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You should tie your hair in a ponytail or bun with no lose hair falling out as this may cause bleach your head hair also. Bleaching your hair partially blonde would be the last thing you would want to do.

Apply pre-bleach cream

Most of the bleaches come with a pre-bleach cream that helps to protect the skin from bleach.

Apply pre-bleach cream


Source – (Fashionlady, 2017)

Mix the ingredients in exact amount

It is very important that you mix the bleach activator and cream in exact proportion as mentioned on the instruction guide. You can even lower the amount of bleach activator if you feel that the bleach might be too harsh on your skin.


You should use a small spatula or your index finger, whichever is convenient to ensure even application of the bleach. Leave it on your skin for as long as it is mentioned in the direction guide according to your complexion. Avoid exceeding the mentioned time as it may affect your skin adversely.

Remove the cream with the same spatula of soft sponge and wash without using any soap or facewash. Pat dry and let your skin breathe for 6-8 hours.

Apply at night

The best time to apply your bleach cream is evening. It saves you from any skin damage caused by sun or heat. You can even apply night serum or cream before going to bed which will help in restoring your skin balance.


Don’t bleach too often

It is advised that you bleach at least after two weeks or you can even extend the time to three weeks if your skin allows.

Don’t use a metal bowl

Never ever use a metal bowl to mix the ingredients of bleach as it may react with the metal causing adverse effects on your skin. You can use plastic or glass bowl instead.

Don’t go out in sun

It is advised that you never step out in the sun post bleach as your skin is vulnerable to everything that comes in contact with it. If required, apply a generous amount of sunscreen before stepping out.

Avoid contact with eyes

While applying, you should avoid any contact with eyes or other sensitive areas of the skin. It may cause burns or rashes which can do temporary or even permanent damage. Also, avoid applying bleach on active acne for that matter.

Benefits of facial bleaching

  • Lightens tanned skin
  • Helps getting rid of blemishes
  • Provides glow to your skin
  • Lightens the facial hair
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Provides an even skin tone

Side effects of facial bleaching

  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • Can cause burns and skin irritation
  • Can lead to dry skin
  • Can react with sensitive skin areas

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