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DIY homemade oats and sugar scrub for soft and radiant skin

Sugar scrubs are the most inexpensive and easy to make scrubs which can be used at the convenience of your home. With a few ingredients in your kitchen cupboard, you can make these scrubs in a couple of minutes. One such scrub is ‘OATMEAL SUGAR SCRUB’ which can be really beneficial in giving you soft and radiant skin.

In this weather when you get exposed to the harsh sun, polluted wind and humid weather, you are bound to get skin problems and one of them is tanning. It can be really frustrating because you end up having two toned skin and you can only wait for winters to recover your original complexion. This oatmeal scrub is very effective in removing dead skin and de-tanning it at the same time. Sweating usually forms dark patches on your skin which you don’t even notice very easily, this scrub will help in eliminating the dark patches on your sweat areas. Honey in the scrub prevents your skin from dryness and lavender oil relaxes the muscles. Since the primary ingredient is granulates sugar, it prevents any ingrown hair you might have as a result of hair removal.

You may use the scrub twice a week for best results and change the ingredients as per availability and skin type.



Oats – 1 cup

White sugar – 2 cups

Honey – 3-4 tbsp.

Lavender essential oil – 4-5 drops

Olive oil – 3-4 tbsp.


Grind a cup of oats to a coarse texture.

Add 3-4 tbsp. honey and mix.

Add 3-4 tbsp. honey and mix.

Add 4 -5 drops of lavender essential oil and mix.

Add 3-4 tbsp. olive oil and mix.


Apply the scrub on your entire body in circular motion. Massage gently for 4-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Pat it dry with a towel.

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