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How to choose the right foundation for your skin tone in 3 steps?

Makeup transformations and tutorials are leaving the internet ablaze by teaching everything from scratch. Different types of makeup techniques are unveiled by celebrities, beauty bloggers and social media sensations on social media which has made it easier for the makeup beginners. We all admire the flawless complexion and clear skin which most of us don’t have on occasions. Well, foundation has got its name for a reason and acing the right shade of it is not an easy task. It starts with understanding the purpose of applying foundation to actually doing it. If you have never mastered the beauty basics then you are on the right page and if you are in a habit of applying makeup on a regular basis then you might be doing it all wrong.

Foundation is the base of any kind of makeup and it’s important to get it right. If in case you don’t choose the right shade or the right type, it will end up looking cakey. The primary purpose of the foundation is to give your skin an even tone and hide flaws like dark circles and pigmentation. To nail the perfect foundation involves many steps and they have been explained in detail below.

Choose according to your skin type

The very first step is to understand your skin type and choose accordingly. The skin type varies from oily to dry and some of use even have combination skin. Dry skin can absorb makeup much more than oily skin. Therefore, a lotion or cream based foundation will do. For those with oily skin, look for the dry and powdered foundation.

For dry skin and wheatish complexion 

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Choose the right shade

Some women are just not comfortable with applying foundation as a makeup base and for them BB creams and tinted moisturizers are available. But to be frank they do not solve the purpose completely. The coverage with them is not as good as it is with foundation.

  • The very first thing you should remember is that foundation changes colour after absorption. So anything you try at the beginning will look different afterwards.
  • To find the perfect shade apply it on the inner side of your hand and rub evenly.
  • If you cannot decide on the store lighting then go out in the daylight to get the actual picture.
  • The complexion changes with seasons, so don’t be afraid to try mixing two foundations for the shade you want.

For oily skin

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Application tips

After choosing the right shade for your skin, the application plays the most important role. One should make it a point to never apply foundation on dry or unmoisturized skin. If you are afraid of getting a tan then apply the sunscreen first.

You can apply foundation in multiple ways using either brush, beauty blender or your fingers. Some people find it easier to blend the foundation with fingers because you cannot miss any spot. It also depends on the type of foundation. A dry foundation is best applied with a brush. Never neglect your jawline and neck while applying foundation so that it doesn’t look different.

To advance your makeup skills, it is immensely important that you sweep across the foundation evenly. Any patches can make or break your look. If you still lack confidence in mastering the technique then it’s time to go back to the basics and revaluate your technique.


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