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Bollywood celebrities flaunting the untamable curls

Managing curls can be one hell of a task if you have to deal with it on a daily basis. Whatever it takes to tame those tresses, we cannot deny the fact that they do look lovely. From corkscrew, light waves to soft curls, you can spot so many celebrities on Instagram flaunting their wild curls. Recently, we spotted Priyanka Chopra showing off her new hairdo in soft curls. Her locks fall gracefully on her shoulders in an ombre palette running from back to golden brown. PC’s look for Season 3 of Quantico has already given us hair goals.


Well, it’s not just Priyanka Chopra who has experimented with her hairdo, PS Bhumi is too paying an ode to the curls on the cover of India Today women’s issue. Her sultry looks complement the attitude she is carrying. The special wedding issue celebrates the freedom of a modern bride in a ravishing golden slit dress.


The style diary also includes Deepika Padukone, who is stealing the headline in Bollywood as well as the fashion industry. The fashionista is featured in the December issue of Filmfare where she is posing in a wild and edgy setup. Her sex appeal as always will not give you a moment to think about something else. Her long locks with wavy curls are making it her best beauty moments. You can see some golden brown highlights from tip to toe which revamp her flawless dusty complexion.


The list is not over yet but we have made our point. If you are tired and bored with your regular hairdo then it’s time to try soft and wavy curls. This particular hair texture is surrounded by a number of myths also which we believe stop you from trying curls. Curls have poor moisture retention and this is why some of us with wavy hair end up getting crazy curls in the monsoon.

The hair care becomes more intense in winters because the dryness in the atmosphere causes static breakage. If you do not want to lose the game then understand the types of curls first. According to the curls that you have decided to go for, look for an appropriate haircut. The haircut should enhance your facial features, body structure and personality. If you are one of those people who rush to work in the morning and only have a few minutes to get ready, then better keep your lifestyle in mind too. Also, note that curly hair cannot bear harsh products and you need to be extra gentle with them. Adding colour to your curls can give your hair a definition creating more depth.


Too afraid to try it this wedding season? We are here to take away your hair woes. If you have seen Taapsee Pannu’s hair makeover recently, then you exactly know what we are talking about. Musing for the Indian women in traditional Indian wear, Taapsee has pushed the boundaries giving us retro feels. Her attempt to try the classic soft curls in shorter length is worth appreciating and if your lifestyle doesn’t save you much of a time to style your hair, she is your inspiration.

Don’t tame your tresses and let them go young, wild and free!!!

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