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Steal the 2018 runway look and add colours to your makeup this monsoon

With the onset of spring, it’s time you amp up your makeup routine with some bright and bold colours. While waterproofing the makeup is still a challenge, you can experiment with the few elements to make it more spring summer suitable. Pay attention to details and keep the base oil-free by using mineral based matte powdered foundation. With the changing Instagram trends every day, it’s hard to catch up with every transformation using the existing makeup kit.





If you are tired of trying Instagram iterations of smokey eyes from the runway, then it’s time to do something bold and beautiful. Don’t be afraid to paint those eyelids with the rainbow hues or aqua shades. You can even dab your eyelashes with colour glitters just to make them shine on an evening out. Don’t forget to add a hint of colour just below the eyes. Stay away from the neutral skin colour shades or try blending them with the other colours.

To create these looks, you don’t need to break the bank because powdered eyeshadow isn’t your best friend during the rains. The best you can do is, use a flat brush with a lipstick palette which won’t get disappeared due to moisture.


colourful_mascara lakme-eyeconic-curling-mascara-blue


Use a voluminising coloured mascara available in different colours. Try matching it a little with the eyeshadow if possible or else go for contrasting colours.





If you have been using the bronzing colours on your cheeks then it’s time to sprinkle some colours. Recently, the rainbow colour blush has gained popularity which also adds a little sparkle to your smile.



Take a cue from the runway models and celebrities to paint your lips. From purple to black and red to blue, you can experiment with a range of colours without being afraid of going a little over the top. If you think that face contouring is the only contouring you ever need then think again because lip contouring is what you need to make them look more prominent and clean.

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