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10 Signs you are wearing a wrong size ill fitted bra

The foundation of every woman’s wardrobe is lingerie and if you can’t get it right, no matter how trendy your outfit is, it will feel a little uncomfortable. Almost, 80% of women wear a wrong size bra and they still can’t determine their size. Most of us feel that if it isn’t visible then there’s no use investing time and money on a well fitting comfortable bra. What we don’t realize is that this can lead to various health issues like a backache and headache.

The first thing you do when you reach home after a tiring day is free your boobs of that lace cage. There’s a good chance if you are wearing an ill-fitted bra then at some point you will even stop noticing it. If taking your bra off is becoming the highlight of your day then you’re probably wearing a wrong size bra.

1. Your straps are falling down


If your straps are falling down, the first thing you do is tighten them because after some time they stretch out in the wash. If the problem persists then you should go down a band size.

2. The straps are digging into your shoulders


It is a very common problem among ill-fitting bras because, in order to support the breasts and keep them firm, women often start wearing tighter bras. When this happens, most of the weight is supported by the straps and not the cups or band. It can lead to shoulder, neck, and backache.

3. You wear your bra on the last hook


When you buy a bra you should always try it in the first hook. After some time, the elasticity of the bras stretches out and that’s when you move to second and third hook. You should feel most comfortable on the middle hook.

4. Your band rides up at the back


When you look into the mirror from sides and notice that your bra band is not sitting firmly across your back then you are wearing a size too big. Go down a band size.

5. You underwire is digging in your chest


The reason why most women don’t like wearing an underwire bra is this. While underwire can support your breasts in a great way if it stabs you and makes you feel uncomfortable then you should go up a cup size.

6. You keep adjusting your bra all day


A lot of women face this problem very often but in this case, you might be wearing a wrong style too according to your outfit. In the other cases, your cup size is either too big or small or your band is too loose.

7. Your breasts jiggle a lot


Though bigger breasts are desirable among both sexes due to numerous reasons, too much jiggling might cause you discomfort and embarrassment. If this happens then your bra isn’t supporting your boobs the way it should. A right size bra will keep your boobs in position irrespective of your movement without causing you discomfort.

8. Side boobs


If you notice that your breasts aren’t fitting in the bra cup and some of it visible on the sides then you are wearing a smaller cup size. A correct cup size will encapsulate your breasts completely.

9. Cups are too big


When wearing a bra if you notice that there’s some space in your bra cups then you are wearing a bigger cup size. If you are wearing a C cup, go down to B cup.

10. Back fat


This is another common problem caused due to overweight, obesity or fat accumulation in the back area. If your bra band is tighter than required then you will be able to notice it on your back very easily. In some cases, there might not be any back fat at all because your bra band is too tight.

If you are having any of these problems, it’s time you get your size calculated at a lingerie store with good customer service. However, there are ways you can calculate it yourself but it would be better if you contact a store personnel.

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