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10 Common shaving mistakes that can damage your skin

Shaving the body hair is often not considered safe for skin but every now and then most of us do it. When you are running late for work and have to wear that sleek pencil skirt or when you have to pull that short dress off on a night out, you don’t have an option left but to shave. It turns into a nightmare when you have to deal with the after effects of it which include razor bumps, rashes, ingrown hair, itchiness or dry flaky skin.
As easy as it might sound, you may be making certain mistakes which can screw up your skin with nicks and cuts. Here’s how you can fix these problems and avoid the simple carelessness altogether.

1. Never dry shave

It’s better not to shave rather than dry shaving. Using a razor on your skin directly will cause a lot of friction between the blade and the skin. This will result in razor burn, shaving rash, and cuts.

2. Lather up sufficiently

Lather up your skin surface with a shaving cream or gel sufficiently to make the razor glide smoothly without damaging your skin.

3. Use of soaps/shower gel instead of shaving creams/gels

Though it might appear that soaps and shower gels make shaving smooth and easy, it is actually the opposite. You must always use shaving creams and gels while shaving because their purpose is to hydrate the skin. On the other hand, soaps and shower gels will make it dry later.

4. Not exfoliating before shaving


The purpose of exfoliation before shaving is to remove the dead skin so that the razor can move easily on the surface. Also, it brings the hair underneath the skin to the surface avoiding any razor bumps.

5. Using dull blades

If you haven’t changed your shaving blades for a while, it’s time you do it ASAP. The longer you use the same blade; it will get blunt. You are most likely to get injured with a blunt blade rather than a sharp blade. Also, the blunt blades will require you to shave in the same area again and again.

6. Pressing too hard on the skin

This happens when you are using an older blade for a longer time. If you use a sharp blade, you don’t need to apply too much pressure on the skin. Avoid pressing too hard if you don’t want to damage your skin.

7. Shaving in opposite direction

It might feel that shaving in the opposite direction gives you a cleaner shave but it can also be very painful. For those with sensitive skin, it is advised that they shave in the same direction to avoid ingrown hair and rashes.

8. Taking a cold shower

Cold water closes the skin pores and is a very important step when you shave your body hair. While shaving, you might want to use luke warm water but once you finish, you should rinse with cold water.

9. Skipping aftercare/ moisturization

If you have coarse hair and sensitive skin, you should never ever skip the after care. You should follow intense moisturization and scrubbing every time you take bath. If you don’t moisturize, your skin will become dry and dehydrated causing itching and ingrown hair.

10. Never share your razor

For hygiene purposes, you should never share your razor with anyone because it carries bacteria. Also, it might have been to your intimate areas causing nicks and cuts.

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